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Starting with a short history of digital communication, course will cover the subjects of network topology, computer network equipment and network architecture. Student will gain knowledge on OSI and TCP/IP layers, signal coding standards, switching, routing, carriers-sense networks, TCP/IP, interconnection and gateways, security, well known protocols, introduction to DSL, ISDN, ATM, FDDI and Token Ring, wireless ethernet and bluetooth.



1.  Introduction to Networking

2.  Ethernet

3.  Routing Algorithms

4.  Communication over PSTN

5.  Wireless

6.  Token-Ring, FDDI, ATM

7.  FAQ

8.  Sockets (examples)


Mini Term Projects for Computer Networks 2014 (presentations:29/4/2014 &13/5/2014) Project Assignments


Reading List:

1. A. S. Tanenbaum, Computer Networks, Prentice Hall, 2003.

2. J. F. Krouse, K. W. Ross, Computer Networks, Addison Wesley, 2003.