About Course

MicrophoneIt is a course for beginner programmers. We start with matlab desktop components, create simple scripts and functions. After learning the concept of functions, we switch to C programming and introduce MS-Visual Studio. A brief discussion on how the numbers/data are stored in PC's memory structure and why we need several data types will take place. Very small programming examples are seen using C programming language. The subjects of program flow, conditional branching and loops are detailed. The course is concluded with arrays, file i/o and several examples. Course description file is here.

Slides & Handouts

MicrophoneCourse slides are provided here in pdf format. Reading the slides before the class will help a lot understanding the subject. Course may not follow the order of slides listed here.

1. Introduction (slides)

2. Data Types (slides)

3. Number Systems (slides)

4. Operators and Conditionals (slides)

5. Loops (slides)

6. Arrays (slides)

7. Structures (slides)

8. Introduction to VB (slides)


Course Labs are held in Computer Lab. Lab documents can be downloaded from the links below. .

1. Matlab scripts. (exp. doc.)

2. Matlab functions. (exp. doc.)

3. Matlab functions / Loops (exp. doc.)

4. Matlab user input. (exp. doc.)

5. C functions / printf / scanf (exp. doc.)

6. printf / scanf / if / else. (exp. doc)

7. Character Arrays/Pointers (exp. doc.)

7b. Loops and random numbers (exp. doc.)

8. Character Arrays/ Functions (exp. doc.)

9. Character Arrays/ Functions2 (exp. doc.)

10. Array/Pointer handling (exp. doc.)

Keep in Touch

MicrophoneUnless otherwise is announced, lab reports should be handed in over DYS. In case of problems, contact


Course instructor can be reached via eseke@ogu.edu.tr

News & Announcements

Review the slides before class. It will help a lot.

Follow the C coding convention in class, in lab., doing homeworks and during exams.

No intro. 2 prog. classes this week. Happy new year.

Midterm curve.

Reading List:
Getting Started with MATLAB, The MatWorks, 2007.

2. Al Kelley, Ira Pohl, A Book on C, Programming in C, Addison-Wesley


Programming past exams with solutions can be downloaded here. Ask related questions via eseke@ogu.edu.tr

2015 : ipr15_va, ipr15_fa, ipr15_ma

2014 : ipr14_v1aA, ipr14_faA, ipr14_baA

2013 : ipr13_v1aA, ipr13_v2aA, ipr13_faA, ipr13_fmaA

2012 : ipr12_v1aA, ipr12_v2aA, ipr12_faA, ipr12_baA, ipr12_q1a, ipr12_q1b, ipr12_q2a, ipr12_q2b, ipr12_q3a, ipr12_q3b

2011 : ipr11_v1aA, ipr11_v2aA, ipr11_faA, ipr11_hmw1, ipr11_hmw1a, ipr11_hmw2, ipr11_hmw2a, ipr11_hmw3, ipr11_hmw3a

2010 : ipr10_v1aA, ipr10_v2aA, ipr10_faA, ipr10_hmw1, ipr10_hmw1a, ipr10_hmw2, ipr10_hmw2a, ipr10_hmw3

2009 : ipr09_v1a, ipr09_v2aA, ipr09_faA, ipr09_hmw1, ipr09_hmw2, ipr09_hmw3